George Will On Gaffe-Prone Hillary: ‘She’s Just Not A Fluent Speaker’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter

When asked about Hillary Clinton’s recent comments that the U.S needed to “empathize” with its enemies, syndicated columnist George Will said on “Fox News Sunday” that Clinton had an inarticulate grasp of the English language. (RELATED: Millennials Have No Idea That Hillary Clinton Is Old)

WILL: Let me try to say this as politely as possible; the English language is not Hillary Clinton’s close friend. She’s just not a fluent speaker, and we’re going to have a lot of experience with it, we’ve had it already, we’ll have a lot more going forward. She thinks — what she was saying was a crashing banality in the most artless way possible. She said we ought to try to understand the other guy, get inside his mind, understand his motivation. Fine, that’s how you say it. Instead she had to talk about a gaseous New Age rhetoric about ‘respect’ and ’empathy’ and all this. She was saying nothing particularly controversial, but she was saying it in an unfortunate way.

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