HuffPo Op-Ed Defends Michael Brown’s Stepfather: Jesus Incited Riots, Too!

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, leader of the gay-friendly Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) and a longtime left-wing political activist, wrote a Huffington Post op-ed Tuesday excusing Michael Brown’s stepfather Louis Head for inciting a riot by arguing that Jesus Christ also would have also been arrested for inciting a riot. (NEW VIDEO: Michael Brown’s Stepdad Yells ‘I’m Going To Start A Riot’)

In the piece entitled “#BlackLivesMatter! Stand Up for Michael Brown and Eric Garner,” Wilson writes that those who protest the Michael Brown and Eric Garner decisions are “freedom fighters” in “a police state where the poor and racially oppressed are targeted by police who have a de facto license to kill and a lack of accountability.”

Wilson is particularly critical of those who want Head charged with inciting a riot after he, well, incited a riot. “[W]hat are the right words for despair?” she asks, “What does rage in the face of oppression look like?” 

“In the Bible, prophets in the Hebrew text used vitriolic words for unjust leaders and predicted their demise,” Wilson continues, “Jesus called unjust leaders ‘white-washed sepulchers’ and ‘a pit of vipers.’ Perhaps he would be arrested for incitement to riot — perhaps he was!”  (VIDEO: Funeral Pastors Compare Michael Brown’s Death To Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion)

If Head is no worse than the literal Son of God, who’s really responsible for all the trouble in Ferguson and elsewhere? Why, the Republicans, of course: “Some of the roots of rage include politicians who show a stunning lack of compassion by cutting basic services such as food stamps and refusing to raise the minimum wage. Our obstructionist Congress uses thinly veiled racial attacks on President Obama — questioning his birth and bringing lawsuits against him.”

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