Krauthammer: Media Coverage Of Warren Shutdown Push Is ‘Spectacular Hypocrisy’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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One night after the House passed a budget bill, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer blasted the media’s coverage of Elizabeth Warren’s push against the bill, calling it “spectacular hypocrisy.” Krauthammer added that in the media’s eyes, Warren is a “principled politician,” while Ted Cruz, who led the push for the shutdown last year, is a “terrorist.”

KRAUTHAMMER: “Spectacular hypocrisy, a festival of hypocrisy. And, of course, the media loves it when it’s a liberal Democrat who leads the fight. She’s a principled politician, whereas when it’s Ted Cruz, he’s a terrorist, essentially. I do think, however, for her this works, because this is — if she becomes a candidate, maybe not in 2016, but certainly afterwards, she’s now already a national figure. Her star is rising, and the hero worship of the media is beginning. This sort of sounds, feels a bit like the early Obama years, between 2004 and 2008. This week, coming up to Wednesday, when the Senate’s going to have to decide, will be remembered as the beginning of her campaign. Whenever it is, because she’s going to be now the center of attention — but she of course knows exactly what the Republicans are trying to do because if her amendment is accepted, the government will shut down.”

“I think also on the other side, I’m not quite sure is a test of governing on the part of Republicans. That test happens in January, Right now it’s, for Republicans leadership, its a way to get all this behind us so that they can reposition themselves next year for the real fight over executive amnesty, when they have control of the House and the Senate.”