Proof: The World In The 1950s Kicked The Sorry Ass Of The World Now [PHOTOS]

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Today’s world is full of hipsters and weenies. We all know this truth is undeniable —at least deep down in the cockles of our hearts.

Things weren’t always this way.

You want proof? Check out the completely self-explanatory image below of an (ice-cold!) whiskey vending machine (circa late 1950s, possibly 1960):

A great Twitter feed called Old Pics Archive has much more incontrovertible evidence of the greatness of the America (and the world) of a bygone era.

Here, from 1955, is what a real movie star is supposed to look like:

Here are some showgirls playing chess between shows in 1958:

Here is Marilyn Monroe lifting weights in 1952:

And here, as a bonus, is the crew of Apollo 1 relaxing during practice procedures in 1966. American heroes Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Edward H. White II and Roger B. Chaffee died on Jan. 27, 1967 during a rehearsal launch when the Apollo 1 cabin caught fire.

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