Jaguar’s New Windshield Lets You See 360-Degrees Around, Through The Car [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Jaguar Land Rover just unveiled the latest concept for its “Virtual Urban Windscreen” technology, which uses external cameras on the outside of a car to give the driver a full 360-degree view around — and through — the interior.

In addition to letting drivers see through windshield and window separation pillars via embedded screens — which virtually eliminate blind spots — the company wants to expand the augmented reality windscreen to display information about surroundings, navigation and more.

A video released by Jaguar Land Rover this week shows the transparent pillars activating automatically in response to the driver turing his head, and navigating to his destination by following a “ghost car” generated on screen.


The technology is still in research and development, and Jaguar Land Rover has not released a speculative date for when we might see it in future models.

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