HUGE Fight Breaks Out After Memphis Vs. BYU Bowl Game [VIDEO]

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Monday’s Miami Beach Bowl between Brigham Young University and The University of Memphis ended with a surprise…and then another!

In double overtime, Memphis kicked a 55 yard field goal to tie up the game, and then made a game-ending interception for a 55-48 win. But that’s not all.

Once the celebration began, things between players got extremely heated, reported Deadspin. Players on both teams started throwing punches. Noses were bleeding while coaches tried to pull the players apart. The brawl lasted for a good couple of minutes.

In a post-game interview, Memphis coach Justin Fuente said “That’s not who we are,” referencing the violent behavior of his players. “I’m upset, I hope it doesn’t take away from the unbelievable football game. There will be a lesson taught.”



Jane Bartlett Pappas