Gohmert Dominated The House Floor In 2014

Scott Greer Contributor
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Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert likes to give speeches on the House floor. A lot of speeches.

In 2014, Gohmert managed to speak for an astounding 29 hours total on the house floor — the most of any congressman for the whole year, according to data collected by CSPAN. The Hill reports that Gohmert made most of his speeches at the end of the legislative day, delivering 30-60 minute “special order” speeches multiple times a week. The Hill described these speeches as “long-winded.”

Gohmert gave talks on a variety of topics that included immigration and Obamacare and was known to even incorporate visuals in his congressional monologues. One of his last talks was a 48-minute attack on President Obama’s executive amnesty — which he had described as “monarchical” — and he urged his fellow Republicans to defund it.

The Texas conservative’s log time far surpassed his fellow talkative congressmen. Fellow conservative Rep. Steve King of Iowa was second among all Republicans in speech time with 10 hours total. Another Texan, Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, spoke the most among her party’s legislators with nine hours logged in.

Unlike these three, the majority of congressman only spent two or three hours speaking before Congress in 2014.

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