Cory Booker’s Website Featured White Supremacist David Duke

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s website featured white supremacist David Duke’s propaganda.

As the press focuses on Republican Rep. Steve Scalise once speaking at a white supremacy conference involving Duke, Booker has escaped current scrutiny for the connection.

Booker, who founded the content-sharing platform Waywire, attracted some attention when his site was used by white supremacists to advance racist propaganda. The Daily Caller has obtained a screenshot of David Duke propaganda on Booker’s website months after Booker’s team said that white supremacist content would be removed from the site.

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The URL in the screenshot is no longer active, though Booker sold the site to Magnify in late 2013. The screenshot predates that period.

The Daily Caller has extended a request for comment to Booker’s Senate office.

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