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UVA Phi Psi Chapter Submits To New ‘Safety’ Rules Based On Crime It Didn’t Commit

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Hey, there’s only so much you can do to speak up for people who’ve been wronged. If they’re not willing to stand up for themselves, they’ve lost my sympathy. Rolling Stone made a false rape accusation, it’s been thoroughly debunked, and now the falsely accused are saying to UVA President Teresa Sullivan: “Thank you, ma’am, may we have another?”

The estimable Chuck Ross reports:

The University of Virginia fraternity at the center of a gang-rape accusation made in a Rolling Stone article published in November has been reinstated by the school after police investigators found no evidence that the assault occurred at the fraternity’s house…

“The reinstatement resulted after consultation with Charlottesville Police Department officials, who told the University that their investigation has not revealed any substantive basis to confirm that the allegations raised in the Rolling Stone article occurred at Phi Kappa Psi,” according to a press release at UVA Today…

“We welcome Phi Kappa Psi, and we look forward to working with all fraternities and sororities in enhancing and promoting a safe environment for all,” Sullivan said in a statement.

The reinstatement comes after Sullivan’s decision last week to put in place guidelines aimed at improving safety for students at Greek-life events…

“We believe that in the midst of this ordeal, there is an opportunity to move forward with important safety improvements. This has prompted us to take a closer look at ourselves and what role organizations like ours may play in this problem. It’s opened all of our eyes to the problem of sexual assault.”

They need to improve safety, you see, because of the ordeal that never happened.

No apology for putting these guys through this. No apology for suspending the entire Greek system because of an unfounded accusation in a now-discredited magazine. No apology for the vandalism of the Phi Psi house. Just: “You’re welcome. Now, here are the new rules you will follow, as punishment for your imaginary crimes.”

Rolling Stone wins. Sabrina Erdely wins. The rape-hoax truthers win. They lied to get what they wanted, and now they have it.

You took the deal, boys. You had a chance to stand up to these liars, and you just grovelled for the chance to get your house back. As a Phi Psi alum, I’m done with you. Good luck getting back your reputations.

(Hat tip: Robby Soave)

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