‘What The F**k?’: Jon Stewart Slams Obama For Skipping Paris Unity March [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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On the “Daily Show” Monday night, Jon Stewart slammed the Obama administration for not sending anyone to the Unity March in Paris on Sunday.

He also called out Attorney General Eric Holder in particular for not attending even though he was in Paris at the time.

“Couldn’t Obama have at least sent a friend?” Stewart asked.

“How could Obama not be there?!” the comedian also asked after referring to the event jokingly as “the world’s most powerful game of Red Rover ever.”

However, Stewart held his strongest statements for Holder, who was apparently taping an interview for “Meet The Press” while the march happened on Sunday.

“What the fuck?” Stewart said incredulously about Holder’s absence at the march. “Eric Holder, you were in France at the time of the march and you were like ‘meh.'”

The Comedy Central host wondered why Holder would not attend, speculating that he probably “wanted to take advantage of the shortest tourist lines in French history” as millions attended the march.