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Ex-Congressman Hopes For Beheadings Of MSNBC And CNN Journalists

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Apology in 5-4-3-2-1. Let’s hope?

Former congressman Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), now a radio host after serving just one term in Congress, is calling for the beheadings of the “cowards” at MSNBC and CNN who won’t publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

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Did he go too far perhaps?

Some followers, even those who lean conservative, think so.

T. Becket Adams, a media writer for the Washington Examiner who previously worked for TheBlaze, remarked, “That’s an awful thing to say.”

And TheBlaze, for that matter, apparently didn’t care for Walsh’s words. Let’s suffice it to say he doesn’t care.

“Oh, The Blaze is upset by what I said?” he asked. “Okay, guess there’ll be a ‘You Won’t Believe What Joe Said Now’ post. #AwfulClickBait.”

But Walsh isn’t appeasing any of his critics. At all.

“Islamists dont take orders from me and they’ll inevitably strike again, and cowards continue to empower them,” he replied to his critics. “Get fucking serious.”

Goldie Taylor, who was canned from MSNBC, clearly isn’t too happy with Walsh’s beheading wish. “[Joe Walsh] is a truly an awful human being,” she wrote. He dug in his heels, replying, “@goldietaylor criticizes me but has me blocked. Cowardice on display yet again.”

When President Obama‘s former speechwriter Jon Favreau called him out for it, Walsh let him have it, too. Favreau wrote, “Right-wing radio host and ex-Congressman @WalshFreedom hopes that CNN and MSNBC journalists are beheaded. Swell guy.”

Walsh replied, “Go write a screenplay, bruh.”