Did This Singer’s Butt Knock A Woman Unconscious?

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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A woman is claiming that “Jessie’s Girl” singer Rick Springfield smacked her with his backside during a 2004 concert in New York, knocking her unconscious, and now she’s suing him for damages.

And yes, Springfield cried about it in court this week while he was on the witness stand.

It’s a story you can’t just make up.

Vicki Calcagno, a 45-year-old woman from Liverpool, claims that during the August state fair concert the 1980s pop star struck her with his butt, knocking her unconscious, Syracuse.com reports.

Calcagno said she was disoriented for about ten minutes after it happened. She originally brought the case in 2007, but a judge declared it a mistrial in 2013 when a new witness–who claims the same thing happened to her–came forward.

That witness testified Wednesday with a similar story.

“His buttocks caused ‘serious, disabling and permanent injuries,'” the 2007 lawsuit states.

Rick springfield sued for knocking woman unconscious

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When Calcagno’s lawyer Kenneth Goldblatt called Springfield to the stand he became “very aggressive,” began yelling and crying, because what other response is there when some woman’s suing you for hitting her with your ass?

rick springfield sued

A photo reportedly submitted in the case. (Photo: Syracuse.com)

“I get emotional sometimes,” Springfield said during his 90-minute testimony.

When her lawyer asked Springfield, who recently announced a role on HBO’s “True Detective,” if he fancied himself a heartthrob, he smiled and agreed, and later said it was common for “saucy women” to grab his ass during shows.

Calcagno or the defendant’s backside has yet to be called to the stand.

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