Seth Rogen: ‘American Sniper’ Like Fake Nazi Propaganda Film

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Last month comedian Seth Rogen was the cause célèbre of Hollywood when terroristic threats caused Sony Pictures to cancel the release of his latest movie “The Interview.” Americans from across the political spectrum spoke out in favor of Rogen’s right to make any movie he wanted, and when it was released online, Americans supported the movie. Many may now regret that purchase.


Rogen, like all Americans, was born with the right to say anything he wants, no matter how offensive. That’s why he was able to make a movie in which he kills the leader of North Korea. But that right is always under threat, to varying degrees, by outside forces.

North Korea allegedly hacked Sony’s computer systems, but they didn’t launch any military attacks against the United States because they knew US military would respond with overwhelming force. While we are born with rights, the military defends them from external threats, which are very real.

That protection and the respect for it hasn’t stopped Rogen, a Canadian by birth but married to an American, from seizing an opportunity to smear the life story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

“American Sniper,” based on the memoir of Kyle who was killed by a soldier suffering post traumatic stress, has been a huge box office hit, surprising many on Hollywood.

Hollywood is overwhelmingly left-wing, and has released a string of anti-war and anti-military movies that have been box office flops. In that world “American Sniper” is an anomaly. It presents Kyle’s life without making judgment, warts and all. Audiences have been flocking to see the story of a man considered a genuine hero by most.

In addition to Michael Moore, who called Kyle a “coward,” Rogen appears singularly unimpressed by the film or the story of the late Chris Kyle.

It’s unclear if Rogen has actually seen “American Sniper,” but his tweet to his 2.51 million followers about it makes clear he’s not a fan of the concept.

The movie to which Rogen referred is the fake “Nation’s Pride,” the Nazi propaganda movie that draws Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and other Nazi high command leaders to the theater where they are slaughtered in Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece.

Comparing a biographic film of an American hero who not only saved the lives of countless American soldiers but also died trying to help another to Nazi propaganda might not be the best way to sell DVD copies of “The Interview.” The release date of which Rogen told his followers is fast approaching.


The Blu-Ray is called the “Freedom Edition.” Rogen’s remarks make you wonder who he thinks protects that freedom…