Is Ronald Reagan About To Be A BIG Character In This TV Series?

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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The second season of “Fargo” is getting the presidential treatment, and announced Monday that Ronald Reagan will have a role in the FX series.

The Golden Globe-winning drama will take place in South Dakota during 1979, and a younger Lou Solverson–played by Patrick Wilson–returns home from Vietnam. He is a police officer investigating local crime and a major Mob syndicate.

FX CEO John Landgraf called it a time of “cultural change” during TCA’s winter press tour.

Ronald Reagan fargo role

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“It covers something that was referenced in the first installment by Lou Solverson, Molly Solverson’s father,” Landgraf said.

“It’s a big sprawling, in some ways, more comedic [season], though at times, a very serious show. It’s set in the late ’70s against the backdrop of Ronald Reagan’s first campaign for President of the United States. Reagan is a character in it.”

Lou will reportedly serve as part of the presidential nominee’s security detail, but the actor who will play Reagan has not been cast yet. The second season of “Fargo” is in production and premieres in the fall of 2015. (RELATED: 34 Years Ago Today, Ronald Reagan Told A Heckler To Shut Up)

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