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Wesley Lowery Resumes Trash Talking Politico On Twitter

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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We knew — without a single doubt in our minds or fiber in our souls — that Washington Post‘s racial activist Wesley Lowery would be back on Twitter behaving like an idiot.

(Please note: I’m trying to be careful not to call him angry, because when I insinuate that he has an angry or defensive bone in his half black, half white — or part Arab if you believe a Maryland police report — body he accuses me of calling him “uppity” and allegedly jokes about getting a restraining order against me.) [RELATED: TheDC Investigates: Is Wesley Lowery Black?]

On Dec. 31, while some of us were sipping champagne and having a beautiful meal and others were barfing their brains out, our friend Wesley was busy making a grand New Year’s resolution he would never keep: He declared that 2015 would be the year he would not tweet. It was an experiment. He headed over to tumblr (to do the same shit he did on Twitter but in blog form) and promised to avoid Twitter like the plague.

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Well, yeah. Fuck that. It’s January 23. Wesley is not only back on Twitter. He’s back to trash talking Politico like it’s 2014.

Lowery’s kryptonite arrived in the form of a 8:05 a.m. tweet on Thursday from David S. Bernstein, a contributing editor for Boston Magazine.

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By 8:09 a.m. — yes, folks, that’s four minutes of INCREDIBLE restraint — Lowery replied to Bernstein with one BuzzFeedian utterance.

“LOL,” the eloquent Lowery wrote to Bernstein as well as Politico reporters Dylan Byers and Ken Vogel, who tangled with Lowery in the past over how many black reporters work for Politico. Last year, when someone suggested that Lowery work for Politico, he replied, “Bro, black ppl don’t work for Politico.” Which set off a brief war between Lowery and those aforementioned white boys from Politico.

But Lowery wasn’t done.

At 8:17 a.m. he couldn’t help but attack Byers and Vogel and Politico just a little bit more.

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If nothing else (and yeah, there’s not much else), you really have to admire the complete and total predictability of Wesley Lowery. That, and his stamina.