Border Patrol Union Tells Congress To Vote ‘No’ On GOP Border Bill

Scott Greer Contributor
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The labor union representing border patrol agents came out against a Republican-backed bill dealing with border security Friday, declaring it wouldn’t do anything to resolve the problem.

“After careful review the National Border Patrol Council.. has concluded that H.R. 399 [the bill’s title] will do very little to secure the border and is a missed opportunity for Congress to meaningfully address border security,” read a press statement from the group.

The National Border Patrol Council urged congressmen to vote “no” on the measure as the union considers it bad legislation.

“This legislation speaks about metrics but frankly does not provide either the strategy or the resources necessary to achieve them,” Shawn Moran, a NBPC spokesman, said in the statement. “We need real solutions on the border where the trends are moving in the wrong direction with increased apprehensions, more aggressive action from smugglers and drug cartels, and continued threats from terrorists.”

The bill, sponsored by Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul, calls for more spending on border security and would deploy more equipment to America’s boundaries. But the border patrol union considers these measures ineffective and believes that what the border needs is more agents, better training for personnel, and better equipment for those on patrol.

“Although there are some positive elements to H.R. 399, we believe in it’s entirety it will only serve as window dressing and was drafted without any input front line agents who are protecting our border,” Moran stated.

This union is not the only group interested in border security that has criticized the bill. Some conservative groups, such as the Tea Party Patriots, have also expressed disapproval of the current bill and want Congress to amend it before it comes to a vote. (RELATED: The Fake Border Fence Throw Down)

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