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RedState Blogger Asks: ‘Are Joe And Mika Married?’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This wouldn’t be the first time that “Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinksi and Joe Scarborough have been mistaken for married couple. They flirt. They bicker. They take sexy pictures on desks and are painted frolicking at the beach.

It’s no wonder viewers, including some journalists, get confused.

RedState blogger Laura Fillault asks this week, “Why do Joe & Mika a) Look like a married couple (are they??!), b) wear matching colors & c) practically sit on each other? Strange.”

Fillault is not wrong. There has long been a romantic vibe at “Morning Joe.” Their last denial that anything more is going on between them was in 2009. Even TV insiders often remark that they have “no idea” if there’s anything really going on.

Rick Sheridan, a right leaning dude on Twitter, surmised, “Mika has daddy issues. Joe welcomes any humanoid connections.”

To officially answer Fillault’s question, Brzezinksi is married to investigative TV reporter James Patrick Hoffer. You can see pictures of their beautiful 1920s home here. Scarborough and his former wife, Susan, quietly divorced in 2013.