NFL To Fine Marshawn Lynch For Wearing ‘Beastmode’ Hat At Super Bowl Media Day [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Marshawn Lynch is a force of nature, incapable of being contained by the National Football League.

Lynch had a tremendous 2014 season, but Seattle’s running back has also made headlines in recent months for his refusal to speak to the media, and the NFL threatened to slap Beastmode with a $500,000 fine if he didn’t show at Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day. Lynch complied with the commissioner’s “request” and answered every single question he fielded with some variation of, “I’m only here so I don’t get fined.” (RELATED: Per Usual, Super Bowl Media Day Was An Absolute Zoo)


Even though Lynch fulfilled — in the loosest sense of the word — his media appearance requirement, it looks like the NFL is going to fine him anyway.

You tell a guy to show up or you’ll fine him, the guy shows up, and you fine him anyway?!?!?!

The NFL is officially drunk on its own power. Similar to to the smear-campaign currently being waged against the Patriots, the league’s disciplining Lynch doesn’t have anything to do with any actual rule infractions. It’s all about destroying the name of an individual who refuses to kowtow before the almighty commissioner. (RELATED: Did An NFL Executive Lie About How Deflated The Pats’ Balls Really Were?)

Marshawn Lynch is only concerned with two things: scoring touchdowns and living a quiet life when he’s not generating billions of dollars in revenue for the NFL. Unlike a large number of players in the league, he has literally ZERO off-the-field issues and is a beloved member of the community. The NFL better wise up and call off his media crucifixion before they drive him out of the game for good.

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