New Poll Finds Warren Beating Hillary In Iowa And New Hampshire

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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According to a new poll from the left-wing group MoveOn.org, Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren could have a good chance of beating current frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the Democratic caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“The results show that, after likely caucus goers and primary voters learn about Elizabeth Warren’s biography and issue positions, not only do a stunning 79% say they want her to run, but, in both states, Warren ends up leading all other potential Democratic candidates in a head-to-head ballot question,” their memo reads. (RELATED: ‘Run Warren Run’ Movement Hits 200,000 Supporters)

The poll finds that after being made aware of Warren’s positions, 31 percent of potential Democratic voters in Iowa would support Warren, compared to 24 percent who would support Clinton. Warren also nets 31 percent support among New Hampshire Democrats, compared to Clinton’s 27 percent.

But it’s worth noting Warren only puts up good numbers after respondents are given ten positive questions about Warren, and none about Clinton. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake calls it a “terrible poll,” designed to shore up support for Warren. Likewise, because of the small polling sample inherent in polling such a small subset of the population, the margin of error is 6.7 percent in Iowa and 6.3 in New Hampshire.

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