Warriors Center Falls Asleep Face Down On A Table of Cash [VIDEO]

Scott Cook Contributor
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The Golden State Warriors are feeling “way up” and “blessed” after starting 41-9 through their first 50 games of the season.

Forward Marreese Speights’ Monday night Instagram video proved that. In the video, Speights captured the entire team singing Big Sean’s “Blessings,” while on the team plane home from a game at the Philadelphia 76ers.

Well, I shouldn’t say the entire team was singing. There was one player who clearly took no part in the commotion.

Center Andrew Bogut is seen in the video dead asleep. The best part? He is knocked out face-down on a table of cash!

Bogut is sitting at a table with three of his other teammates who are playing cards. There looks to be a couple thousand dollars worth of cash on the table and Bogut’s unconscious face falls right in the middle of it all. David Lee even deals him a card! (Watch Below)

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How Bogut fell asleep amidst all the commotion is beyond me. But hey, if I saw that much money on one table, I would probably pass out too!