Greta Slams ‘Tone Deaf’ Obama For Filming Buzzfeed Video During Hostage Crisis [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News host Greta Van Susteran slammed President Barack Obama for his recent Buzzfeed video on her show “On The Record,” noting the zany “YOLO”-filled video was filmed the same day the White House was dealing with the death of ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller. (VIDEO: Fox’s Ed Henry To Earnest: Why’s Obama Still Playing Golf When He Has No Strategy?)

VAN SUSTERAN: That was apparently done on February 10, the same day that Kayla Mueller was confirmed dead and same day we are evacuating the embassy in Yemen. The president can multitask, but unfortunately I remember this picture of him smiling after James Foley and shooting pool, and we have a crisis at the border and he wouldn’t go down there. How many more excuses do we make for his multitasking?

ABC POLITICAL DIRECTOR RICK KLEIN: There has been no White House ever been as aggressive in seeking out ways to go around the traditional media and just send a message that, look, we don’t really care about the perceptions of the presidency around this if we can get a message home. In this case, if it’s about talking about Healthcare.gov, they will go and have the president do what is a patently silly series of things that don’t look like something the president would do, because it’s about that.

VAN SUSTERAN: I have a good sense of humor and I think it’s important to get your message out. For me, on the day that we are learning about Kayla Mueller being confirmed dead — and if he were a first offender, it’s so tone deaf and bad taste.

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