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NBC Nightly News Scrubs Brian Williams From History

Okay, now I’m actually starting to feel a little bit sorry for this guy. Just over a week ago, he was one happy camper. He’d gotten away with it. He was home free. Great hair, an unthreatening baritone, and an ability to keep a straight face while telling the most outrageous lies had taken him to the top. Life was good.

Now he’s pure poison. Now his own team wants you to “misremember” that he was ever even there. Curtis Houck, Newsbusters:

On its first broadcast since the announcement of anchor Brian Williams’s suspension, NBC Nightly News took the step of dropping both Williams’s name from the program’s title, opening graphics, recorded introduction, masthead on the show’s website and Twitter account.

Following four teasers from now-interim anchor Lester Holt, the opening theme of the program was played as normal, but instead of a recorded intro from actor Michael Douglas, a separate recording by another voice was used that told viewers that “this is NBC Nightly News” and “reporting tonight, Lester Holt.”

Yeah, good luck with that, Lester.

I’d give them credit for their transparency, if I didn’t know about all their other journalistic sins over the years. This is a panic move. They think that if they throw Williams under the bus, the public scrutiny of their entire corrupt organization will stop. They can go back to making up news to suit their agenda, and ignoring news that doesn’t.

Maybe they’re right. They’re probably right.