Something For The Ladies: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Women In Your Life

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Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly.

Did the woman in your life tell you she didn’t want anything this year? Or did she go with the whole “Valentine’s Day is a stupid principle” excuse? Because we guarantee she does want something and she does not think Valentine’s Day is stupid. At all.

But if you haven’t gotten her anything yet, don’t fret. Do forgo the overpriced flowers and stomach-churning chocolates filled with God knows what.

Instead, we’ve got the perfect list of Valentine’s Day gifts for the women in your life.

1. Magazine subscription

She can read something when she’s done cleaning the house! You don’t want her getting bored now, do you? Go big and get her “Cosmopolitan All Access.”

It’s only $7, and you’ll thank us later.

valentine's day gift

(Photo: Amazon)

2. A monogrammed apron

All the women at her next DAR meeting will be insanely jealous.

It’s only $26.95, and shipping’s free.

(Photo: Amazon)

(Photo: Amazon)

3. Swiffer

So modern, she’ll love it! Get her the one with steam boost to show her you really care. You can splurge on the $47.

good valentine's day gift

(Photo: Amazon)

4. Food processor

Hello, Kenwood chef! This is the food processor of all food processors. Yea, it’s a little on the pricey side, but it’ll show her you really love her.

You might as well get it gift-wrapped so she’s really surprised.

best valentine's day gifts

(Photo: Amazon)

5. Automatic toaster

Chicks just dig modern technology, and this one in Sugar Pearl Silver will really get her going. Buy it here.

best valentine's day gifts

(Photo: Amazon)

6. Hoover vacuum cleaner

It’s science. Ladies love vacuuming, and she’s likely worn that last one out by now. Treat her right with this lightweight Hoover, and at $79.99, you’re practically stealing it.

hoover vacuum cleaner

(Photo: Amazon)

7. Lysol

This one’s a given that it will make your woman appreciate you and your thoughtfulness. Go for the six-ounce can so she can carry it with her all over the house!

(Photo: Amazon)

(Photo: Amazon)

8. Morning sickness medicine

So she can still cook you breakfast and make sandwiches, even when she’s feeling a tad nauseous from that baby you put inside her. These are all natural.

(Photo: Amazon)

(Photo: Amazon)

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