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Politico Reporter Butters Up To Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign At His Wedding

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Here’s the thing — if you don’t want readers accusing you of being a biased reporter, you tell them to keep their ridiculous campaign signs away from your nuptials.

Except not Politico‘s Jake Sherman, who had a bit of a tricky situation on his hands over the weekend when he married former Democratic congressional aide Irene Jefferson at Washington’s Ritz Carlton. According to a New York Times writeup, between 2009-2010 she worked for then-California Democrat Jane Harman.

So what’s a Politico reporter to do?

Apparently, nothing. Let the “Hillary for President” signs fly high. Woo hoo!

Sherman’s coworker, Mike Allen, of course wrote about it extensively and even ran a picture of the “wild” reception that was full of dancing and yes, Hillary Clinton campaign signs.

The Weekly Standard also raised the issue of Hillary signs being present at the reporter’s wedding reception.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

But come on, campaign signs at your wedding?