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WHIPLASH: Politico Editor Returns To WaPo

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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We’re getting dizzy watching Politico deputy managing editor Rachel Van Dongen.

In 2011, when it was still viewed as an edgy career move to go to work for Politico, Van Dongen left WaPo for Rosslyn to be deputy managing editor.

Four years later, WaPo has undergone major changes, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos purchasing the paper, and Van Dongen is making the voyage back into D.C. to again work for Washington’s hometown paper.

According to Poynter, Van Dongen will lead a “new initiative on the National desk.”

Politico has drained a number of reporters and editors since venturing to Brussels and installing a new editor here at home, Susan Glasser. “Politico 2007 is dead,” Politico President CEO Jim VandeHei allegedly said in a meeting, describing the drastic changes going on there.

With Rachel Smolkin at CNN and relentlessly poaching her old colleagues any chance she gets, a grand total of 8 POLITICOS have fled to the network since summer, others have gone to Vox, the NYT and New York Daily News. Most recently, Politico lost Maggie Haberman and Alex Burns to the NYT. They even lost their head of communications, Olivia Petersen, to NBC.