Don’t Think ‘American Sniper’ Got SNUBBED By The Academy? This Will Change Your Mind.

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Despite crushing box office records and earning more than $400 million, “American Sniper” won just one Academy Award Sunday night after being nominated for six awards.

The Clint Eastwood-directed film was up for best picture and Bradley Cooper, who played American sharpshooter Chris Kyle, was in the running for best actor.

Neither won, which is astounding, given that “American Sniper” is now considered the most successful war film ever made. Instead, the film won the best sound editing category.

bradley cooper in american sniper

(Photo: YouTube screen capture)

Since it premiered in late December, the film has grossed a worldwide total of $428 million. The film that beat it for best picture, “Birdman,” hasn’t come close to those numbers, making a mere $76 million since it came out in August.

And, for an awards show, things turned political in Hollywood Sunday night.

When Patricia Arquette won best supporting actress, she dedicated her speech to equal wages for women. “Birdman” director Alejandro Iñárritu referenced immigration during his time on stage. And John Legend and Common won an Oscar for their song “Glory,” which is about the civil rights movement and is on the soundtrack for “Selma.”

So why was “American Sniper” shut out at the Oscars? Because Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller passed a fake baby back and forth? Come on. (RELATED: Seth Rogen Just Said WHAT About ‘American Sniper’?)

Fans of the film voiced their outrage on Twitter Sunday night.







It may not have won best picture, but clearly “American Sniper” won over America. Sorry, Hollywood. (RELATED: ‘American Sniper’ Absolutely CRUSHES It At The Box Office)

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