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One Of Hillary’s Secret, Illegal E-Mail Addresses Is mau_suit@clintonemail.com

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Hillary Clinton isn’t known for being funny, at least not intentionally. But this one’s pretty good.

As Alex Griswold reports, Hillary may have indulged in a bit of self-deprecating humor while flouting federal law and hiding her activities as Secretary of State from public oversight:

Although Hillary Clinton’s spokespeople have maintained that the former secretary of state only used one privately-controlled email address during her tenure, a hacker working in conjunction with Fox News discovered that there were multiple email addresses owned by Clinton…

Other accounts included:

  • hdr@clintonemail.com
  • hdr18@clintonemail.com
  • hdr19@clintonemail.com
  • hdr20@clintonemail.com
  • hdr21@clintonemail.com
  • h.clinton@clintonemail.com
  • Hillary@clintonemail.com
  • contact@clintonemail.com
  • mau_suit@clintonemail.com (?!)

As she said, she wants the public to see her e-mail. That’s why she set up at least 10 different addresses that we know about so far, all hidden from the public.

We don’t and can’t know which of these addresses she used, which of the e-mails she’s deleted, or anything else about it. That was the point of the whole extragovernmental exercise. She thinks she’s above the law.

Most of those addresses aren’t too imaginative, which just makes that last one stand out all the more. I don’t know what a “mau suit” is, but here’s a Mao suit:


If that looks familiar, there’s a good reason:


This clears up something I’ve been wondering for the last 10-15 years: Hillary isn’t dressing like an extra on Star Trek, she’s dressing like Mao!

She just doesn’t know how to spell it.

Speaking of Clinton-related humor, here’s Valerie Jarrett dodging questions about this wonderful fiasco:

“I don’t want to get into a hypothetical” = “That’s an excellent question, so of course I can’t possibly answer it.”