The SHOCKINGLY SWEET Salaries America’s Gender Studies Professors Rake In

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America’s gender studies, ethnic studies and various other “studies” professors live in the lap of luxury compared to Americans in most occupations.

Full professors at four-year colleges and universities who specialize in the fields of “area, ethnic, cultural, gender and group studies” bring home a median annual salary of $105,304, according to data released by the Chronicle of Higher Education earlier this week.

At schools labeled as research universities, the median annual salary of gender studies and ethnic studies professors is $113,379. (Feminist Studies Prof Claims ‘MORAL RIGHT’ To Batter 16-Year-Old Abortion Foe, Destroy Kid’s Sign)

This $113,379 salary earned by gender studies and ethnic studies profs puts the professors in the top 17 percent nationally.

By way of comparison, anyone with a yearly salary of $294,000 in Indiana lives in the top one percent of all income earners.

By way of another comparison, a typical American firefighter earns $48,270 per year. Plumbers make $52,390. Stonemasons make $39,990. Boilermakers make $57,920.

At a median annual salary of $65,227 per year, assistant professors in gender studies, ethnic studies and the like earn substantially less than their fully-tenured counterparts.

Overall, median salaries for tenured and tenure-track professors are on the rise. Such salaries increased by two percent in 2014 — about the same rate of growth seen in 2013. Salaries at taxpayer-funded public schools increased at a slightly higher rate than salaries at private schools.

Despite the perpetual shrinkage of many U.S. law schools, law professors still continue to rake in the most dough among America’s professoriate. Full professors at law schools average an annual salary of $143,509. (RELATED: Texas A&M Law Prof Says It’s Time To Repeal The Second Amendment)

The median yearly salary for history professors is $88,596. (RELATED: Ivy League Professor Praises White People Who Are ‘Ready To Commit Race Suicide’ After Ferguson)

Psychology professors bring home paychecks averaging $92,568. (RELATED: Calling Your Daughter A Princess Is Sexist Now)

A typical journalism professor make $91,846 annually. (RELATED: Meet The Journalism Professor Who Says NRA Members Are Treasonous, Should Be Executed)

The hard salary data comes from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, which collected data from 756 public and private bastions of higher education around the country.

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