Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Claims Responsibility For ‘Exclusively For White People’ Stickers

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The source of mysterious “Exclusively For White People” stickers plastered on Austin storefronts in recent days is an Austin-based criminal defense lawyer.

On Wednesday, some businesses in Austin found themselves at the center of controversy when individuals noticed the stores were sporting stickers that read “Exclusively For White People with a “maximum of 5 colored customers” allowed and “colored BOH [back of house] staff accepted” in their windows. The stickers also displayed the official seal of the Austin government, claiming they were sponsored by the city.

The owners of the targeted businesses were quick to denounce the stickers. The government of Austin denied involvement with the stickers. Local civil rights leaders decried the stickers as racist. A Texas state representative urged people not to shop at stores with the stickers until there was “some explaining.”

Now, a criminal defense attorney, Adam Reposa, is claiming he is responsible for the stickers.

In a YouTube video, a shirtless Reposa appears to be explaining why he placed the stickers on the windows of stores in front of one of the stores he vandalized. In the video, Reposa says the reason why he put the stickers in the store is “pretty clear”: “this area of town is turning into whites only.”

Reposa also reveals that he is upset that people focused on the use of the word “colored” rather than the message of his stickers.

In another video, Reposa says he was calling out “white hipsters” for their gentrification. To his detractors, he states that pointing out racism isn’t racism.

This isn’t Reposa’s first time making headlines. Previously, VICE chronicled Reposa’s edgy legal advertisements. The advertisements include Reposa destroying a car, repeating the phrase, “I’m a lawyer” continuously, and rubbing his body down with oil while making erotic poses and taking close-up crotch shots.

According to information listed on the State Bar of Texas website, the State Bar of Texas licensed Reposa on Sept. 23, 2003.

In 2008, Reposa made a “masturbatory gesture” towards the court while defending a client. The Austin American-Statesman later reported Reposa completed a 90-day sentence for contempt.

As a result of his display in the courtroom, Reposa received a three-year probation of his law license. According to his disciplinary history on the Texas bar website, Reposa received a public reprimand of a fully probated license in 2010 that expired in 2013.

This new stunt could make the criminal defense lawyer face more criminal charges. Austin police say they are looking into the matter.

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Ashley Rae Goldenberg