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Quote of the Day:

“Do you ever hold your boobs in you hands and try to guess how much they weigh?”

BuzzFeed reporter Tracy Clayton.

Mediaite columnist gives CNN’s Brian Stelter a polite warning 

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Read the story by Joe Concha here.


“Just realized most of my serious exes either married twice or never married at all. Hmmmmmm. #MaybeitsNOTme?” — Peter Roff, contributing editor, U.S. News & World Report.

Journo is taking this rather personally

“I feel like TMZs website doesn’t even want me on it.” — BuzzFeed‘s Samir Mezrahi.

In unsurprising news, Dave Weigel heads to Dunkin Donuts

“Just walked into Dunkin Donuts and started discussing gender issues am I doing this right.” — Bloomberg Politics reporter Dave Weigel, personal oppo advisor to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Schlongston)

Interesting bedfellows: Monica Lewinsky has proposal for sex columnist Dan Savage

“Thank you! I want to connect at some point. have had an idea to explore with you.” — Monica Lewinsky, TED speaker and all that other stuff.

GASP! Journo uses a pay phone

“Traveling with two 18 year olds who were simply flabbergasted to see someone use a pay phone. Beyond their comprehension.” — NYT‘s Carl Hulse.


“When I 1st moved in my sink was clogged. I took off the trap and found a razor blade, condom and 2 syringe needs in it.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

And another sort of confession…

“This morning, I found myself in one of those overcaffeinated, overendorphined, “what could possibly go wrong?” states as I perused my Twitter feed. Dangerous! Soon I found myself talking back to certain tweets, usually in my head. But sometimes not. I hate Twitter.” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich in a weekend mag story about Hillary Clinton‘s quest for relatability.

Just setting the record straight 

“I have no opinions about diaper creme.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro, after some followers thought he’d written “Desitin” instead of Destin. As in Florida.

Advice from Matthew Yglesias

“Talk to your baby about hiccups before it’s too late.” —‘s Executive Editor Matthew Yglesias.

How this Daily Beast reporter handles a working Sunday 


UH OH: “Me, upon realizing I have to spend this gorgeous day inside writing feverishly.” — Tim Mak.