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Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA): Global Warming Will Turn Women Into Prostitutes For Food

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I used to be skeptical about claims of anthropogenic global warming climate change global weirding bad stuff happening because of Republicans.

Yeah, I realize that’s not very scientific of me, but I admit it. I was foolish enough to believe that the people shrieking at me to shut up about it only wanted, y’know, silence. Submission. I let my pride trick me into thinking for myself and questioning their infallibility.

Now I feel ashamed, though. Now I know just how much is at stake. Now I realize that climate denial is yet another weapon in the evil Republican War on Women.

Pete Kasperowicz, The Blaze:

A senior House Democrat has once again issued an apocalyptic warning that climate change will hit women harder than men, and that it could drive millions of poor women to engage in “transactional sex” in order to provide food and water for their families.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) proposed a resolution on Wednesday that said as the climate changes, it will cause food and water scarcity around the world. That will create pressures on poor women in particular, since they are often charged with growing food and collecting water for their families…

“[F]ood insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health,” it read.

It’s like that old joke headline: World Ends, Women Hardest Hit.

Except this is no laughing matter, you creeps. Oh, you don’t think it can happen? No? Well, Barbara Lee knows what’s up. She’s done the research:

If you’re not panicking yet, that’s only because you hate women.

We can still prevent this apocalyptic future, people. All you have to do is give up your money. Give up your liberty. Give up your freedom of speech.

Or we’re all gonna DIE.