Huffington Post Headline: ‘When Dating, Stick To Your Race’

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The Huffington Post published a blog Monday with the title “When Dating, Stick To Your Race,” and it wasn’t even written by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

The blog post was written by Geraldine Estevez, a frequent contributor who is also the editor of, and contains her musings about the pros and cons of dating outside of her race. Because apparently, interracial dating is still one of those things that needs debating. (RELATED: Wendy Davis Questions Greg Abbott’s Support For Interracial Marriage… When He’s Married To A Hispanic Woman)

Estevez (who is also Hispanic) begins by telling the story of a friend who dated a Jamaican girl, only to see the relationship fall apart. “As my friend concluded his bitter story, I found myself mentally reciting some of what I’d heard over the years, the voices of others expressing the same idea — that when dating, it’s best to stick to one’s race.”

From there, it was on to the playful anti-Hispanic stereotypes. “Over time, I’ve learned that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason… narrow-mindedness mixed in with the will to control is typical of Hispanic men. And like a typical Hispanic woman raised around those types of remarks, I internalized what I’d heard, became resentful and coped by getting loud.” (RELATED: Huffington Post Op-Ed: ‘Thank God For Abortion Providers’)

The ill-advised headline is even more bizarre since Estevez ultimately ends the piece by concluding that she should date outside her own race. “While perhaps choosing someone within your race can eliminate a layer of complications, I don’t think it’s a goal any of us should intentionally set out for. After all, when you expand your horizons, you’re more likely to surround yourself with an array of different, enriching individuals.”

The Daily Caller will leave to readers’ imagination what would have happened if a conservative outlet had run a piece with Estevez’ headline.

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