‘DOESN’T MATTER’: Arianna Huffington Really Doesn’t Care About Clinton Foundation/Hillary Conflicts [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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The Clinton Foundation reportedly received considerably more donations from Arab nations than similar foundations, but Arianna Huffington really couldn’t care less about a conflict of interest.

Reacting to the new report that the foundation may have received more than $30 million from Arab nations than the Red Cross, Huffington told “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski that potential conflicts between the foundation and Hillary Clinton’s public sector work “doesn’t matter.”

“Does this it raise questions to you, this Clinton story?” Brzezinski asked Huffington.

“It doesn’t. It’s like unless we can prove there’s some direct correlation — I would much rather focus on what is Hillary going to say and where is she going to stand on the Iran negotiations deal. On something important,” Huffington said. “How we spend our time in this 2016 race is going to be determined a lot by what we in the media consider important. Not everything matters, and who donated to the Clinton Foundation doesn’t matter unless we can prove that there was some connection. ”

“Well, the way we could prove that is if any of the e-mails that she used as secretary of state were available,” Brzezinski said pointedly,” but they are not because she got rid of them all. Isn’t that kind of a problem?”

“Well, again, this is a separate issue,” Huffington told a perplexed Brzezinski. “The e-mail issue and the server is a separate issue. Let’s discuss the e-mail issue, but let’s not try to link it to the donations issue without any evidence.”

“Okay,” said the baffled host. “I don’t know. Am I missing something here?”

“You have 90,000 bloggers working at The Huffington Post,” Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive told Huffington. “I’m sure a couple of them will end up looking into this.”

“Of course, we will have a lot of opinions, but the question is what are we going to give oxygen to between now and the election,” Huffington said.

“I do think there’s questions there and we’ll look into them and maybe we’ll never know the answers because there are no e-mails and maybe everybody is okay with that,” Brzezinski said mockingly.