Harry Reid: ‘Of Course’ Romney Paid His Taxes; I Still Won’t Apologize [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Departing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid gave an interview to Fusion in which he readily admitted that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had actually paid taxes, but refused to apologize for saying on the Senate floor that Romney hadn’t paid taxes for ten years.

“August 2012, you said on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in ten years,” said interviewer Jorge Ramos. “But there was no evidence of that. Did you purposely lie?” (VIDEO: White House Refuses To Condemn Harry Reid’s Mitt Romney Lie)

Reid said that the issue had been “blown way out of proportion,” and said it was important the American people see Mitt Romney’s tax returns. “He’ll say, ‘I always paid taxes.’ He refused to show the American people his tax returns.”

“He told CBS, ‘Let me also say… I have paid taxes every year. A lot of taxes,'” Ramos pointed out.

“But that’s a phony answer!” Reid said. “Of course he paid taxes. What he didn’t do is let us see his tax returns.” (VIDEO: Glenn Beck Compares Lying Harry Reid To Satan: ‘This Is Straight-Up Evil’)

Bizarrely enough, three years after the election and after openly admitting that Mitt Romney paid his taxes, Reid is still demanding that he release his tax returns. “Mitt Romney, he can still take care of this issue. Let us see his tax returns! He has never done that.”

“But in a recent interview, you seemed to justify a possible fabrication when you said ‘Romney didn’t win, did he?'” Ramos said pointedly. “You sounded unrepentant, as if…”

“Oh, I have no repentance,” the Nevada Democrat said. “Because it was an issue that was important.”

“But it was clear there was no evidence,” Ramos repeated.

An awkward second of silence followed. “Listen, there is easy way to settle this,” Reid said finally. “Let him give us his tax returns.”

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