Chuck Todd: White House ‘Losing The PR Battle’ On Iran Deal [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Appearing on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Friday, “Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd remarked that President Barack Obama and the White House are currently “losing the PR battle” on the Iran deal.

Todd also told the host that the fact that Secretary of State John Kerry is making the Sunday show rounds this weekend is an indicator of that being the case. He added that the White House continues to lose ground with every word that comes out of Tehran.

HUGH HEWITT: Are they reeling, because yesterday the Supreme Leader announced there’s no deal unless sanctions are lifted on day one. Yesterday, the defense minister of Iran said there will be no anytime, anywhere access to military facilities. These are both deal-breakers. They both happened on Thursday. Did they catch the White House by surprise that they’re not even close to a deal with their so-called Iranian partners in negotiation?

CHUCK TODD: Well, John Kerry is suddenly wanting to show up on Sunday shows this weekend. So what do you think? I have a feeling they feel as if they’re losing the PR battle here a little bit.

HEWITT: I — oh, they are. Don’t you think?

TODD: I think they are. And I think the more the Iranians talk, the more it’s hurting. So put it this way — and I’ve heard Rand Paul do it on the Republican side, and I’ve heard people that might be supportive of the ideas of negotiating with the Iranians saying ‘hey, well I don’t know what to believe. Ok, there’s what the president outlined. You know, if that’s what the president outlined, that’s one thing, but we don’t even know if that’s the deal.’