Jeb Praises ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

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Speaking to gun rights activists Friday, Jeb Bush highlighted several pieces of legislation he signed into law as governor of Florida that protects citizens who use weapons to protect themselves against lethal threats.

Bush, a Republican likely to run for president, was speaking at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Nashville.

The former governor specifically referenced the “Castle Doctrine” and the “Stand Your Ground” laws passed while he was governor.

“Florida was one of the first states to make the Castle Doctrine the law of the land,” Bush told the crowd. “If someone enters your home and you fear for your safety, you shouldn’t try to have to escape first. Before the law was passed, juries were being told you were supposed to run away from your home rather than defend yourself and your family. So we fixed that.”

Continuing, Bush said: “And we built on that concept with the principle that you can stand your ground. In Florida, you can defend yourself anywhere you have a legal right to be if you reasonably believe you are in danger of death or injury or rape or kidnapping. This is a sensible law that other states have adopted.”

As he prepares for a White House bid, the NRA convention gave Bush a chance to demonstrate his conservative bonafides to Republican voters.

The “Stand Your Ground” law got widespread attention during the George Zimmerman case. On Friday, Bush defended the principle behind the law.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between being attacked or going to jail,” Bush said. “The only thing you should be worried about is keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.”

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