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Somebody Keeps Crapping Up Erik Wemple’s Wikipedia Page

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Pity Erik Wemple.

The proprietor of WaPo‘s rarely reported media blog is seeing his Wikipedia page under attack as of late.

And truly, it’s despicable.

No one deserves this kind of treatment. Not even someone like Wemple, who exemplifies a type of stalker journalism that perpetually distorts what is really happening. Of course his brand has a seeming moral bent to it — Wemple’s morals — which is how the truth gets glossed over. For example, he purports to be against hypocrisy (think stories he’s written on Politico‘s Mike Allen and stories that appear to support women) but there are facts about his own history and editing that don’t quite match up to those so-called morals.

Granted, a lot of what was on his page was a lot of advertising horse shit that Wikipedia suggested came from Wemple himself. It has since been heavily pared down with the website’s managers saying they want more actual reported material added.

But the latest round of insults appears to be coming from outside of Wemple’s body.

And I’m going to warn you right now — it isn’t pretty. In fact, it’s downright ugly and involves casting aspersions on Wemple in his infancy.

Before Easter, Evan Gahr, a contributor to The Mirror, wrote and told me he might have added something to Wemple’s page about Wemple’s wife, Mother Jones reporter Stephanie Mencimer. The info was taken from reporting by one of Wemple’s favorite journalists, WaPo‘s Marc Fischer. It has been removed and added various times in recent days. [RELATED: SOMEONE DROPPED A DEUCE ON ERIK WEMPLE’S WIKIPEDIA PAGE]

But this latest stuff is pretty sick and didn’t come from The Mirror or anyone associated with the The Mirror.

In the last 24 hours, the following was added and removed.

See the screen grab beneath the text.

“Wemple’s horrible life began when both his parents failed to attend his birth. The doctors proceeded to draw on him with permanent markers and threw him in a garbage. Wemple then got up, stood on his newborn infant legs, and curb stomped an old woman. He then ran away from the scene and started his life in a new city.”

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