David Brooks On 2016: Rubio Has ‘The Best Stuff,’ ‘Huge Upside’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Marco Rubio has been in the race for a mere week and he’s already receiving plaudits from a surprising place: The New York Times opinion page.

Following up on his Tuesday column, New York Times columnist David Brooks stoked the Rubio 2016 talk on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” saying the Florida senator is the candidate with “the best stuff” and has a “huge upside.”

“Some people have political magic. And the way I look at the presidential race, it’s a little like character,” Brooks said. “I don’t pay attention to who’s raising the most money and who’s got the big organization. I just look at raw talent. It’s like looking at a pitcher. Who’s got, just, the best stuff.”

“And if I look at the people running in the Republican field, I think it’s a very talented field, but I think Marco Rubio gives the best speech. I think he’s got the most intellectually interesting mind. He has a tax plan he’s co-sponsoring with Mike Lee. He’s got poverty plans that grabs your attention,” Brooks said.

“I think it’s the whole package of delivery,” he continued. “He’s got a great personal story. And then, you look at how people like him. Right now, he’s not as well known and he’s not everybody’s first choice. But he’s pretty much everybody’s second choice.”

Ingraham noted to Brooks that the Koch brothers seem to be leaning the way of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, as reported by The New York Times Monday.

“I think most people who like Scott Walker, including Scott Walker by the way, like Marco Rubio. I think one of the divides is — it’s not so much a big divide. I don’t think there’s huge policy differences between Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, or even Jeb Bush, but it’s how well you’re going to expand the party,” Brooks explained. In past elections, Rubio’s done better than the predicted Republican candidate because he does well among Hispanics. That’s another argument for him. I just think he has huge upside.”

In Brooks’ Tuesday column, entitled “The Talented Mr. Rubio,” he said the 2016 candidate’s life is “the embodiment of the American dream” while heaping high praise on Rubio, calling him the “most talented politician in the race.”