Global Warming Alarmist Bill Nye Brags About Earth Day Airplane Flight

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Bill Nye believes global warming is the greatest threat humanity faces — but apparently not great enough to make him think twice about taking an awesome Earth Day ride on Air Force One.

The self-proclaimed “science guy” took to Twitter Tuesday to brag to his over 2 million followers that he will be polluting the atmosphere with more carbon dioxide by joining President Barack Obama on an Earth Day trip on the presidential jumbo jet.

Obama and Nye will be flying Air Force One down to the Florida Everglades Wednesday to highlight what the White House believes is the threat global warming poses to the national park. As The Daily Caller News Foundation reported last year, a presidential visit to New York City on Air Force One to attend a United Nations summit likely contributed nearly as much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as 22 Americans emit in an entire year, when you take into account all that goes along with a presidential visit.

Nye followed up his tweet with another humdinger:

Nye might believe global warming is real and spectacularly dangerous, but he won’t let his concern get in the way of a super cool life experience.

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