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Quote of the Day:

“Who are we getting fired today?”

The Washington Examiner‘s media writer T. Becket Adams.

Politico reporter rips D.C. cop for illegal parking

“Gotta love DC. parking enforcement officer, on her cell phone, just made u-turn to park illegally outside Dunkin Donuts.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman.


In media news…

“TNR announces five new advisory board members: @jayrosen_nyu, @JasonHirschhorn, @mickierosen, @philterry, @SachinKamdar.” — HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone.

The Optimist 

“On the bright side, at least my insulin pump battery died last night while the baby and his older sister had already woken us up.” — WaPo‘s Mike Madden.

Black men doing yoga 

“4 Black men doing yoga on @tvonetv #NewsOneNow. You can’t get this on cable news. LOL” — TVOne’s Roland Martin.

The Critic

“Chris Cuomo doesn’t care enough about a black community to question his own political beliefs. That would take moral courage.” — Breitbart News editor John Nolte.

The Oddball Observer

“These citizen lines in front of riot cops are cute… and dumb. After curfews and national guard? I mean, such hipster activism.” — Ali Akbar, Vice and Victory, founder of Blog Bash.

Finding a Golden Lab on the highway 

“On way to school this AM, kids and I spotted golden lab in middle of highway. We retrieved ‘Shelby’ and returned her to USMC owner #OohRah.” — American Enterprise Insititute’s James Pethokoukis.

Geraldo’s incredible Baltimore coverage

“Eminent Baltimore surgeon w Johns Hopkins told me allegation Freddie Gray killed self in police van bogus. More likely asthmatic had seizure.” — FNC’s Geraldo Rivera.

Spouting off 

“Black people shouldn’t have to be perfect to survive. Smoking weed, getting suspended, or selling loosies are not capital crimes.” — HuffPost Live‘s and CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill.

Bizarre Convo Among Journos

Confessore is a reporter for NYT; Sherman works for Politico. 

Nick Confessore: “NEW: I’m eating a bagel.”

Jake Sherman: “You are? From where?”

Nick Confessore: “Just kidding, that’s way too many carbs. I’m eating a kale smoothie.”

Jake Sherman: “Does one eat a smoothie?”

Nick Confessore: “It is a very thick smoothie requiring significant mastication.”