Howard Dean: ‘There’s Going To Have To Be Some Curtailing’ To Bill Clinton’s Paid Speeches [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean said Tuesday there will need to be “some curtailing” to former President Bill Clinton’s paid speeches as his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign carries on.

Dean told MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts that while the foundation does good deeds for millions across the world, the former president needs to be wary of who he’s receiving money from “to avoid the appearance of impropriety.”

“First of all, it’s absolutely okay to continue the foundation work,” Dean said. “They’ve helped 485 million people around the globe in the last — since the existence of the foundation. There’s not a single Republican candidate that can say anything like that. So, for us to be criticizing the existence of the foundation, whether President Clinton is involved or not is nuts. And so it’s definitely not the right thing to do.”

“What he does have to be careful about, should Hillary win, is where that money comes from, that’s first of all. Second of all, he does, in the course of making speeches for money over the next year and a half, have to be careful about who he gets the money from,” the former DNC chair said. “So, there’s going to have to be some curtailing of exactly who he’s giving those speeches to, so as to avoid the appearance of impropriety. That’s for sure. But I would — I think it would be an outrageous suggestion that he should give up the Clinton Foundation.”


[h/t: Breitbart]