Latino Activists To Protest Hillary Fundraiser Over Trade Deal

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Members of the Latino advocacy group Presente.org are planning to protest outside of a Beverly Hills fundraiser for Hillary Clinton late Thursday afternoon. The demonstrators are demanding that Clinton come out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) known as “fast track.”

Protesters say the trade deal with 12 other countries, supported by the White House and GOP leadership, will export “millions of high paying jobs to low wage countries, reduce wages for 90% of American workers, lower food safety and environmental standards and increase human rights abuses.”

Additionally, Presente activists say they are concerned about how the deal will affect Latinos, saying that, “past trade deals have destabilized Latin American economies, forcing many to flee to the United States, where immigrants face increased anti-immigrant and xenophobic hostility.”

Clinton recently attempted to endear herself to the Latino community by saying she supports the president’s immigration plan and executive amnesty orders.

Both Republicans and Democrats have splits among their membership over whether to support the trade legislation making its way through Congress.