Jeff Sessions Agrees: Not Reading Trade Bill A ‘Dereliction Of Duty’ [AUDIO]

(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Al Weaver Reporter
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Continuing his criticism to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, Sen. Jeff Sessions agreed with radio host Laura Ingraham’s assertion Friday that not reading the bill is a “dereliction of duty.”

Sessions, who is only one of two Senate Republicans to admit they have actually read the bill (Sen. Mike Lee being the other), has been a vocal critic of the potential deal, saying it will only exacerbate the current $51 billion trade deficit.

The Alabama Republican added that a deal could enable “immigration increases.”

“It turns out that only a few people have really read any parts of this Trans-Pacific Partnership. This wide-ranging, multi-lateral deal that has been negotiated behind closed doors and under lock and key. Breitbart is reporting that two, including yourself, admit they’ve even read this trade agreement. That’s like a dereliction of duty, in my mind senator,” Ingraham said.

“Well it is, really,” Sessions told the radio host. “You remember the Gang of Eight immigration bill?”

“Ah this is just like it,” Ingraham said.

“Vote on the talking points. You know? Don’t read the bill, we’ll tell you all the things that you want are in it but when you read it it’t not there,” Sessions said. “So I do think it’s critically important that we examine that document. And I do believe there are questions that are valid in the details of it.”

“I think, frankly, that we need to ask ourselves is our trade deficit, which in March hit a record $51 billion trade deficit,” Sessions continued. “Are these agreements improving that or making it worse? It appears these agreements are making it worse.”