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Bill Clinton Is Such An Asset To Hillary’s Campaign That He’s Not Part Of It

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What does it take to get Bill Clinton to shut up already? This analogy might help:

Light switch : Cockroach :: Clinton Cash : Bill

Ben Kamisar, The Hill:

President Clinton will not hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in 2015, aides told The Washington Post, keeping in line with his promise to be a “backstage adviser” to her White House run…

Aides told the Post that President Clinton also won’t do any events this year, including appearances at fundraisers for Hillary Clinton’s campaign or for super-PACs supporting her.

He’ll continue to take bribes do charity work on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, of course, because he has to pay his bills. But for now, at least, he won’t be a constant reminder that his equally corrupt wife is now publicly condemning all his policies as president.

Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career in public life riding her husband’s coat tails. Now, apparently, she’s her own woman. OK then. Let’s see how long that lasts.

So far, so good.