Walker Slams ‘Lazy,’ ‘Biased’ Media For Inventing Fake Ultrasound Quote [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker slammed the media outlets which ran stories falsely claiming he had called mandatory ultrasounds before abortions “a cool thing,” saying on The Dana Loesch Show that they were “lazy” and “biased.” (RELATED: Politico Quotes Scott Walker Wildly Out Of Context To Invent Abortion Attack)

LOESCH: Joining me right now – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who I’m sure was amused by the media rage spiral over a non-existent quote. Governor Walker, I know we got you for a short time, I appreciate you joining us. Your reaction to this media freak-out, for the lack of a better thing to call it?

WALKER: Well, you know sometimes, there are at least some in the media who– more than biased, it’s just lazy. And in this case, I think it’s a little of both where they– you and I both know having been a part of the interview, what they said is not at all — and then you had so many of these left-wing media outlets repeat the same misquote over and over again and sometimes embellish it even more.

LOESCH: Yeah, and to be clear, you were specifically talking about your son’s ultrasound images?

WALKER: Yeah, yeah, I said ultrasounds are pretty cool — that for my kids, Matt and Alex, we still have their ultrasound pictures from when they were babies, they’re 19 and 20 years old now, and I also mentioned that for a few friends of mine who I know got grandkids now, they show me on their cell phones images that were sent from their families, from their own kids showing them the ultrasound pictures, and they show it off. It’s pretty cool — it’s the wonders of that technology.

LOESCH: Do you think that this is just anger from progressives over Wisconsin legislation over the ultrasounds, getting the ultrasound before an abortion, so they’re just going to make up a quote to attribute to you to have something to rage at?

WALKER: Oh yeah, I think they realize, when people actually hear what’s going on and they can’t win on the left on an issue, they exaggerate things, they make things up and they take them out of context. Here I pointed out, as I pointed out before I signed the law, I said ‘who’s opposed to an ultrasound?’ They tried to claim it was a certain type, I said ‘No – our law says that before someone has that procedure, they have to be given access to an ultrasound.’


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