CNN: With Obama Polling At ‘Abysmal Numbers,’ White House ‘Can’t Be Happy’ [VIDEO]

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Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta broke down the latest CNN poll on “New Day,” telling the hosts that President Barack Obama was polling at “abysmal numbers” and that the White House “can’t be happy.”

“They can’t be happy about these numbers over here at the White House,” Acosta said. “President Obama’s approval numbers have taken a hit, according to our latest CNN/ORC poll. After the president’s poll numbers were approaching that coveted 50 percent range earlier this year, public satisfaction is sliding once again.” (RELATED: George W. Bush Outpolls Obama In New CNN Poll)

“The big drag on the president’s approval numbers are on ISIS and government surveillance,” he continued. “Roughly two-thirds of Americans don’t approve of the way he’s handling those issues.” (RELATED: Poll: Nearly Three-Fourths Of Americans Think Obama Has No Clear ISIS Strategy)

On government surveillance in particular, only 29 percent approved. “Those are abysmal numbers,” Acosta noted.


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