MISS ME YET? George W. Bush Outpolls Obama In New CNN Poll


Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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President Barack Obama has taken a major hit in the newest CNN poll, to the extent that his favorability rating has now fallen below that of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

As late as April 2015, CNN found that 48 percent of Americans approved of Obama’s job as president, while 47 percent disapproved. But a month later, Obama’s approval numbers have gone underwater, with 45 percent approval and a whopping 52 percent disapproval. (RELATED: CNN: White House ‘Can’t Be Happy’ With Obama’s Latest Numbers)


When asked whether they had a favorable opinion of Obama, equal numbers, 49 percent, said they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion. But George W. Bush’s favorability has soared to 52 percent to only 43 percent unfavorability, the highest since CNN started asking the question in April 2006. (VIDEO: MSNBC Panel: Hillary’s New Poll Numbers Are ‘Terrible,’ ‘Crushingly Bad’)

Meanwhile, for the first time George H. W. Bush is now tied with Bill Clinton as the former president with the highest favorability numbers, with both polling 64 percent.

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