The Duggar Family Hires Mike Huckabee’s PR Guy To Help Clean Up Its Mess

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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After Josh Duggar admitted to molesting several of his sisters when he was a teenager, the Duggar family has now hired Mike Huckabee’s political adviser to do damage control.

Chad Gallagher is the head of the Arkansas firm Legacy Consulting, and is also the executive director of Huck PAC. Now he’s reportedly helping the Duggar family fix their public image.

After news broke about Josh Duggar, Huckabee was one of the first to publicly support the family, saying the 27-year-old’s actions were “inexcusable” but not “unforgivable.” He feels that the Duggar family is only being lambasted because they’re conservatives. (RELATED: Mike Huckabee Offers Support To Duggars, Criticizes Media Coverage)

“You want to uphold truth, you want to uphold common sense, but you don’t go out there to specifically target individuals and see if you can exploit them for your own gain,” Huckabee said. (RELATED: Jessa Duggar: ‘My Brother Is Not A Rapist’)

Amid the scandal, TLC has pulled episodes of the family’s show, “19 Kids and Counting,” from airing. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News last week, and said their son was “just curious about girls.” (RELATED: Police Report: Sister Was 5 When Josh Duggar Molested Her)