Police Report: Sister Was 5 When Josh Duggar Molested Her

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Gross new details have emerged from the police report from when Josh Duggar molested several girls, including that Duggar’s sister was only five years old at the time of the incident. Duggar, who has admitted he “acted inexcusably” at the time, was 15 when all of this happened.

Obtained by In Touch from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the police report states that the Duggar family knew about Josh, now 27, molesting several girls at least 16 months before they contacted authorities.


From the report:

“James said that in March of 2002 [redacted, Josh] who had just turned 14, came to him very upset and crying,” the new report reads. “James said that [redacted, Josh] had told him that he had been sneaking into [redacted, his sisters’] room at night and had been touching [redacted, his sisters] on the breasts and vaginal areas while they were sleeping.”

The report also states that all of the Duggar girls slept in a common area, and that he went “from sister to sister.”

One of the sisters reportedly told her father, Jim Bob, what had happened and Jim Bob responded by sending Josh to a camp to perform manual labor. (RELATED: Josh Duggar’s Dad: Incest Should Be Treated As A Capital Crime)

TLC has yet to announce if “19 Kids and Counting” will be pulled from the network indefinitely. (VIDEO: Josh Duggar Cracks Up Over Incest Joke He Made On TV)