Prankster Convinces People To Sign Petition To Nuke Russia [VIDEO]

Alexis Gulino Contributor
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Mark Dice is at it again, this time pranking people into signing a petition to support nuking Russia.

Donning an Obama t-shirt, the best-selling author of “Inside the Illuminati” and known prankster roamed a pier in San Diego asking anyone who would listen to support Obama’s plan to ensure that America asserts its military prowess and help him reach 100,000 signatures.

Many of the beach-goers believed Dice’s claims that nuking Russia was Obama’s plan, and they signed the petition, convinced they were supporting the US’s nuclear capabilities.

To those who even asked what the petition was for before signing it, Dice said that the idea stems from President Obama’s preemptive attempts to “maintain America’s superiority.”

Only one couple opted to not sign the petition after learning its cause, a result that Dice admitted was “disturbing,” reports United Press International. 

In one instance Dice said, “We appreciate your supporting a nuclear attack on Russia,” to which one woman replied, “Sure, no problem.”

Later Dice commented on a Twitter thread, “We are living in a literal idiocracy.”

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This experiment comes amidst news that the US is considering withdrawing from a Cold War-era treaty because of increasing Russian aggression. Allegedly, the US and its allies have imposed sanctions to prevent Russia’s continued military presence in Ukraine, with no mention of using nuclear weapons.

Since the video appeared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages, varying reactions have ensued, including an article from Sputnik International, Russia’s state run news agency.

“My video of the ‘Nuke Russia for Obama’ petition has created quite an outrage around the world,” Dice wrote on his Facebook page. 

He continued, “I just want to assure the Russians that there are still many Americans who have not lost their minds to celebrity entertainment and who are working hard to prevent President Obama from further ruining our country and the world.”

In the past, Dice has done many other social experiments, such as asking people in San Diego to sign an “I Support Illiteracy” petition or asking students to sign add Soylent Green (Human Flesh) on School Menus.”

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